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Quality is the best Flavour


For a scoop shop owner, the first step towards success is to offer an exceptional product that is unique and delicious! At Shaw’s we know ice cream and have been in the business for decades. Choose our brand for a premium product made with wholesome ingredients including 100% Canadian Dairy. Let our knowledge and experience deliver the support you need to scoop up the profits!

We carry a fun and exciting Flavour List that is updated often and have their own followers! Your customers are sure to find their favourite.

We have made retailing simple by providing superior customer service, ease of ordering and ice cream that your customers will come back for. Shaw’s Ice Cream coupled with your added touch, will inspire patrons to tell a friend and be back for endless visits to your store! By providing a one stop shop including our famous ice cream, cones, sundae toppings and milkshake flavourings ~ we are your partner to running a successful ice cream shop! Contact us today for more information! (519) 631-2510

 Numerous businesses in Southwestern Ontario are serving our brand. See what some of them are saying…

We all SCREAM for ICE CREAM…But when it comes to Shaw’s that is a Given! What we Scream about is their TREMENDOUS SERVICE & LOYALTY! The SHAW Ladies have the “Whatever it takes” attitude and we could not have had the same success with other ice cream suppliers! When it comes to a company that shares the similar passion for the customer success..it takes a family to build greatness!

Even on the Monday of a super crazy long weekend and tubs are running low….The GIRLS KNOW!

Steve Greer

Owner, Indulge Ice Cream shops, Cambridge

Since beginning my relationship with Shaw’s ice cream I have been nothing but pleased. The transition from my past supplier to Shaw’s was seamless. From accommodating my delivery needs to the development of one of my top sellers, watermelon sherbet.  I look forward to many more successful years in business with Shaw’s Ice Cream.

Brenda Tremblay

Owner, The Boathouse, Guelph

After purchasing Andy’s Drive-In we knew we wanted to support local businesses where we could. With that in mind, we headed off to Shaw’s Ice Cream because we knew they had the best tasting ice cream and we wanted to provide our customers with good quality locally made ice cream.

Kelly & Kim with their expertise helped us choose what flavours would be best suited for our location, we appreciate the superior customer service we receive from them & their staff.

We’ve been dealing with Shaw’s Ice Cream for eight seasons and we “Love it” and best of all – so do our customers!

Dale & Michele Docker

Owner's, Andy's Drive-In, Langdon

Having a reputation for good quality food and service ,my customers expect nothing less when it comes to ice cream. That makes my choice easy ,Shaw’s Ice cream.

Herman Klassen

Owner, Snack Wacky Foods, St. Thomas

Nothing goes better together than beef and ice cream! One bite of a Ritchies burger paired with a Shaw’s shake and you’re in heaven! We pride ourselves on serving the best and that’s why we choose Shaw’s ice cream. Our customers love the flavour selections and their products make the best desserts. The service from the girls is second to none, I recommend Shaw’s to any business owner looking for the best ice cream to offer their customers!


Ritchies Ice Cream and BBQ Norwich, Ontario

Using Shaw’s as our supplier has been an excellent experience. We enjoy working with everyone at Shaw’s and appreciate their customer first attitude that is demonstrated from each employee.

Josh Self

Owner, Mr. Cool Ice Cream, St. Thomas, ON

Our customers are delighted that we carry Shaw’s Ice Cream! We love their flavours, customer service and attention to detail. This is a company I highly recommend; not only for their superior ice cream but for their dedication to a high quality product. In a day and age where producers tend to cut corners, Shaw’s maintains the integrity of a good ol’ fashioned ice cream… Cream first!

Brian Daly

Greenview Aviaries, Morpeth, Ontario

It is a great error to assume all ice cream is the same.. That’s why we serve SHAW’S ICE CREAM!

Blair Bender

L.A. Franks, Cambridge, ON

Tall Tales Café Ltd. has been proud to offer Shaw’s Ice Cream to our clientele for more than 35 years. Kelly and the Shaw’s staff are always reliable, prompt, and customer orientated. We are so fortunate to be able to get superior local products like Shaw’s  Ice Cream to serve our customers.

Holly And John Mairleitner

Owner Operators, Tall Tales Café Ltd. Wallacetown

Jim and I would like to thank the entire Shaw family for all their assistance getting Riverside Ice Cream kicked off. Chatham-Kent loves the fact they can now enjoy a Shaw’s Hard Ice Cream locally. From one family run business to another, Thank-you!


Jim and Lisa Warnock

Owners, Riverside Ice Cream, Chatham

Shaw’s Ice Cream is a staple at my shop. The Customers love the flavours and goodness of a locally made product using 100% Canadian dairy. Thank you for the service and attention to detail Shaw’s!

Karilyn Lamers

Owner, The Country Table, Tillsonburg

At Simply Scoops Ice cream Shop & Eatery in Port Burwell, Ontario, we pride ourselves in serving our customers  the best ice cream we can find. Shaw’s Ice Cream is exactly that, the best ice cream around.  One lick and you will taste the difference between ‘real’ ice cream and ice cream made with ” cheap alternative” ingredients. Shaw’s Ice Cream is the real deal! It is the most requested brand of ice cream in my shop. My customers know good ice cream when they taste it.  Simply Scoops is proud to be serving Shaw’s ice cream.

Terri Vansevenant

Owner, Simply Scoops, Port Burwell

We having been dealing with Shaw’s ice cream for quite some time now. The staff are wonderful to work with. The delivery drivers are very accommodating with us when unloading product.The representatives at Shaw’s are friendly and courteous, always informing us of any new products that they think we may enjoy. Never have had an issue of running out of any item either.

When we have had a busy weekend and are needing product they do not hesitate to accommodate us even though it may be short notice. We also have a catering company that sometimes requires unique ice cream ideas. They are amazing when it comes to helping us choose these items.

Marcel & Laurie Rosehart

Owner's, Chrissy’s Corner Store and Chrissy’s Catering, Tillsonburg

Ice cream season is always a happy time for us here at the Olde Post Office.  Ice cream always brings smiling faces and happy customers to the shoppe.  We are proud to serve only Shaw’s Ice Cream and are thrilled with the quality and care that goes into each tub of their ice cream! People are always asking us which flavour is the favourite, and we have to reply, “which flavour isn’t?” Also, knowing that it is a Canadian product, made (almost!) locally is a true bonus for us too! Can’t wait to see what flavours you’ve got coming this year!

Shawna Tidball

Lambton County Developmental Services, The Olde Post Office Gift Shoppe, Petrolia, ON

Shaw’s Ice Cream has become a staple and tradition at Sassy’s and in our community. Their commitment to quality has allowed us to see many repeat customers, some who drive out of their way to grab a scoop or a 1.5lt tub.

Brad Richardson

Sassy's, Thorndale, Ontario

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