Today we are celebrating 17 years since my sisters and I purchased Shaw’s Ice Cream.  In 2001 the three of us were all at separate universities; each studying marketing, business and urban development.  To this day none of us can quite put a finger on how exactly we ended up where we are today!  At the time, Shaw’s had closed its doors, was no longer making ice cream and had no distribution customers.  It was our blissful ignorance that gave us the confidence to change direction and purchase an ice cream factory together.

2018 also marks the 70th Anniversary of Shaw’s Ice Cream.  Although there was a small hiccup in our history, we are happy to carry on the tradition of making great ice cream!  Today we will celebrate our personal milestone, but we look forward to releasing information soon about our 70th Anniversary Celebration.

Our lives have changed tremendously since then.  Husbands and children have been added to the mix, our staff has grown and renovations have taken place.  One thing however does remain the same, that’s our commitment to our formula and the use of 100% Canadian Dairy products.  Thank you to all of our customers for your continued support!

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